Twaddle about this winter break

I didn’t rest, I didn’t stop!!!

At the beginning of next semester, me and my mates will attend both NYU and CMU career fairs, so we are preparing for it. I’ve just finished 150 problems @LeetCode, and I feel stronger than before. However, there are some sort of “knotty” problems that I can hardly solve them, when I search them online, there’re always some fancy tricks dealing with those problems. So I want to post them here, for two reasons: 1. help myself remembering those tricks or solutions; 2. help others who need help on those problems.

I ‘ll start posting them from tomorrow.

BTW, I love Pittsburgh, lower tax than NYC, less crowd, nice environment, super nice people, great schoolyard (we have nowhere to play soccer in NYU), and what irreplaceable is my girlfriend is here.


This is CMU library. Remarkable place 🙂

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