• Spencer

    Thank you for your share . I got a problem when run with your code. I run the executive file in GDB-mode in ubuntu, finding that the the mnist file wasn’t open when steping into the read_Minst() function. That is to say file.is_open() return 0 . I could not figure it out.
    I want to load mnist dataset to opencv::Mat , and I’m a freshman , would give some advice?
    Any comment will help.

  • Spencer

    I guess I just resolve the problem. Thank you again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Spencer

    My applogy. I just got a new problem in function <read_Mnist_Label(string filename, vector &vec) > . In the line “vec[i] =(double )temp” , the g++ complier says segmenttation fault (core dumped). But I just tried cast to , it works . That is to say type cast is supported in Ubuntu. But I have no idea to this error, would you give me some advice ?
    Any comment will help, Thank you :).

  • Javier


    First to all, thanks for this.

    I’m new compiling in c++ in unix, i know i have to add something to compile with g++ but i don’t know what

    can you help me


  • Manh Tuong Tran

    Thank you very much!

  • Vaughn McGill-Adami

    Thanks!!! Worked first run!!!
    I am very happy you used armadillo as that is what I am using in my Neural Networks library I am writing and it was really easy for me to just plug in your code and go.

  • Vaughn McGill-Adami

    Thanks for being awesome again

  • Ardian Umam

    Thanks a lot, Guy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ben

    Its simple, its good -like it should-! it workek for me! Thx!