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Deep Neural Network Framework in CUDA

Hey guys, long time no see! I’m happy to show you the project I’m working on recently. I transplanted my convolutional neural network implementation into GPU environment, and made a deep neural network framework in nVidia CUDA. Although it is not completely finished, most of the functions are available for use. You are more than welcome […]

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Seminar this week

I attended a seminar this Monday. The first part was by Prof. Michael Jordan from UC Berkeley, it was about statistics and big data, to be honest, I had no idea of what he was talking about, I barely understood those things. However, the second part was by Prof. Rob Fergus, about deep learning for computer vision, […]

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Twaddle about this winter break

I didn’t rest, I didn’t stop!!! At the beginning of next semester, me and my mates will attend both NYU and CMU career fairs, so we are preparing for it. I’ve just finished 150 problems @LeetCode, and I feel stronger than before. However, there are some sort of “knotty” problems that I can hardly solve […]

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Can we make a Transparent screen?

This afternoon, Jeky asked me abruptly “Can we develop a program, using iphone’s camera, that makes the phone looks like transparent?” I answered “probably yes” and continued coding something about Perspective Warp. After that, I thought that question explicitly, which is interesting. I have seen a lot of pictures on the internet about transparent phones, […]

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