About Me

I’m currently a research engineer in Microsoft Maluuba, I work in Machine Reading Comprehension team.

Research Interests

Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning


Neural Models for Key Phrase Detection and Question Generation, Sandeep Subramanian, Tong Wang, Xingdi Yuan, Adam Trischler, Yoshua Bengio

A Joint Model for Question Answering and Question Generation, Tong Wang*, Xingdi Yuan*, Adam Trischler, ICML 2017 Learning to Generate Natural Language Workshop

Machine Comprehension by Text-to-Text Neural Question Generation, Xingdi Yuan*, Tong Wang*, Caglar Gulcehre*, Alessandro Sordoni*, Philip Bachman, Sandeep Subramanian, Saizheng Zhang, Adam Trischler, ACL 2017 RepL4NLP workshop

NewsQA: A Machine Comprehension Dataset, Adam Trischler*, Tong Wang*, Xingdi Yuan*, Justin Harris, Alessandro Sordoni, Philip Bachman, Kaheer Suleman, ACL 2017 RepL4NLP workshop

Natural Language Comprehension with the EpiReader, Adam Trischler, Zheng Ye, Xingdi Yuan, Kaheer Suleman, EMNLP 2016

A Parallel-Hierarchical Model for Machine Comprehension on Sparse Data, Adam Trischler*, Zheng Ye*, Xingdi Yuan, Jing He, Phillip Bachman, Kaheer Suleman, ACL 2016


  • New York University, January 2013 – December 2014, Computer Science – Master
  • Beijing University of Technology, September 2007 – June 2011, Communications Engineering – Bachelor


  • I enjoyed your blog and would like to talk to you regarding a project. Also probably about a summer internship doing an exciting project.

    Thank you
    Atul Hirpara

  • Edwin


    I am a student from Denmark. I am currently trying to implement dropout for an autoencoder ? can I see the way you have tried (your code)? preferably in matlab.

  • nikx

    they are my inspiration too… seen a lot of videos of them… good clicks!!!

  • 石文基


    • Eric

      你好 🙂

  • 博客很多干货,准备看看你的conv-net-version-3。

    • Eric


  • jsxyhelu

    Great job!

  • achraf


    It’s a very nice blog, I learned so much from it. I’m working on a project that do Handwriting recognition from bank chekcs, and I have problems locating the amount and the signature in the check with OpenCV, can you help me with this Please.

    Thanks in advance

  • justin

    Hi Dear;

    I am currently working on the implementation of an RBMs and have been facing some issues with the MNIST data reading. I actually use C++ in Unix Ubuntu but when trying to compile the sample codes for MNIST data you have posted online i get the following error:

    mnist2.cpp:14:1: error: invalid digit “8” in octal constant
    mnist2.cpp:15:33: fatal error: opencv2/core/core.hpp: No such file or directory
    compilation terminated.

    Wondering if you could help with some hints on how to solve the issue?
    Thanks and Kind Regards

  • energy1010

    I want to ask you a question about the cuda implementation of Rnn, how to use mini-batch

  • mq

    It’s a nice blog, I can learned so much from it. I hope to have more opportunity to talk with you. I also come from China.

  • Gudhi

    Hi Eric yuan

    I am Gudhi from USA, I really like your blog.
    I am working on a project , the Back propogation code which you posted will it work using MNIST Dataset. this is my doubt please clarify it.


    • Eric

      Yes I think it works, and if you want to make sure, you can use some well-established frameworks like theano+keras, and it only uses less than 20 lines of code for doing the MNIST task. good luck!

  • sasmita

    i like ur blogs ,,thank you for sharing your knowledge

  • amjad shah

    hi sir
    i really like your blog.
    i am student of MS.i am working on CBIR. i need CNN Architecture for image classification for matlab.
    i search but did not understand.
    please help me it will be ur kindness..

  • adi

    What will be the approx value of lambda and theta that can be used…