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Convolutional Neural Networks III

Hey, I’m recently working on my new version of CNN, the updates are as follows: Support 3-channels images; Add Dropout; In conv layers, one can use either 3-channel conv kernels or single-chanel conv kernels (that is to say, whether share weights). Now I’ve finished most of the works, and I’m debugging the code, hope I can release it […]

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Sparse Coding

INTRODUCTION Sparse coding is one of the very famous unsupervised methods in this decade, it is a dictionary learning process, which target is to find a dictionary that we can use a linear combination of vectors in this dictionary to represent any training input vector. For better capture structures and patterns inherent in the input vectors, […]

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Restricted Boltzmann Machine

WHAT IS RBM Restricted Boltzmann Machine is one of the special cases of Boltzmann Machine, which restricted all visible-visible connections and hidden-hidden connections, which makes for each hidden unit, it connects to all visible units, and for each visible unit, it connects to all hidden units. Following is a figure which shows the model of RBM.

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Coarse-to-fine Optical Flow (Lucas & Kanade)

OPTICAL FLOW We are always interested in finding the movement of objects from videos, optical flow is one of the most famous methods to do this. Optical flow has lots of uses, such as tracking object, camera correction, mosaics and so on. All optical flow methods are based on the following assumptions: Color constancy (brightness […]

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