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Poisson Blending

Poisson blending is one of the topics that spent me days trying to understand recently (not fully understand yet), it is a wonderful method, and using wonderful maths, as well. Now I’ll try to explain this method, with as less Math formulae as I can.

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SIFT (Scale-invariant feature transform) is one of popular feature matching algorithms, it is good because of its several attributes. There are kinds of primitive ways to do image matching, for some images, even compare the gray scale value pixel by pixel works well. However, what if features in images are in different scales? What if features are […]

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Bilateral Filtering

Popular Filters When smoothing or blurring images (the most popular goal of smoothing is to reduce noise), we can use diverse linear filters, because linear filters are easy to achieve, and are kind of fast, the most used ones are Homogeneous filter, Gaussian filter, Median filter, et al.

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Image Pyramids

There are a lot of advantages of using image pyramids in digital image processing, and this article is about image pyramids. WHY PYRAMIDS? We all know about the two popular kinds of domain: Spatial Domain and Frequency Domain.      

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