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Seam Carving

In last week Computational Photography class, Rob showed us a video about seam carving, which is really awesome, like magic. During my last bachelor year, I published a paper with my group named “Semantic aware sport image resizing jointly using seam carving and warping”, I worked for the sport image field detection part. So when […]

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Continuously Adaptive Mean SHIFT

In the Motion Capture course lecture this week, teachers talked about camShift algorithm, I heard about this algorithm since about three or four years before, but I never tried it, and during that class I thought I must do it this time. CamShift is a tracking algorithm, which is based on MeanShift algorithm, what camShift […]

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Can we make a Transparent screen?

This afternoon, Jeky asked me abruptly “Can we develop a program, using iphone’s camera, that makes the phone looks like transparent?” I answered “probably yes” and continued coding something about Perspective Warp. After that, I thought that question explicitly, which is interesting. I have seen a lot of pictures on the internet about transparent phones, […]

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Alpha Beta Pruning

In my AI class this term, I’ll make a Checkers game strategy with my group, I think maybe we will use decision tree, and if using decision tree, an alpha-beta-pruning algorithm will be very useful. Alpha–beta pruning is a search algorithm that seeks to decrease the number of nodes that are evaluated by the minimax […]

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Active Contour (Snakes)

I watched part of a course video of “Introduction to Image Segmentation” by Yuri Boykov (University of Western Ontario) this afternoon, and at the beginning of this course, he mentioned an algorithm about active contour, which also called snakes, is a framework for delineating an object outline from a possibly noisy 2D image. By searching […]

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A simple court field detector using OpenCV

During my bachelor studies, I made a simple court field detector( only works on sample images which the colors inside and outside the field are different). Now I’m learning some new image segmentation skills, and the detector might works better with these more advanced algorithms, so let me first talk about what I did before, […]

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Transform among data types in OpenCV

cv::Mat to IplImage: IplImage pImg= IplImage(imgMat); cv::Mat to CvMat: CvMat cvMat = imgMat;  CvMat to IplImage:

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Set and use OpenCV in os X

1. Go find newly released OpenCV in, and download “OpenCV for Linux/Mac”, by now, the newest version is 2.4.6, unzip it. (By now, there is some bugs that lead to fail to use camera when using mac os and Linux, so you can download version 2.4.5 instead, until openCV fix these bugs…)

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Way to add GLUT and GLEW into xcode project

What are: OpenGL is a graphics library that you can use to write 2D and 3D graphics displays and interfaces. Most of the code is cross-platform (will run on Windows, Mac, and Linux), but the different platforms do have different ways of creating new windows and monitoring user input. GLUT is a wrapper that hides […]

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